Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Google Chrome - Superior Javascript execution claim by V8 is true so far

The latest tech buzz created by Google has been about its new open-source browser, Chrome. While browsing the very informative (and entertaining) release done via comic book, one of the features that is touted by this new browser is a superior Javascript execution engine called V8. Firefox users have so far been used to the SpiderMoney Javascript execution engine, one which Brendan's Roadmap Updates had announced will be replaced in Firefox 3.1 with the TraceMonkey Javascript execution engine.
While the latest post on Brendan's Roadmap Updates shows that TraceMonkey is superior to V8 using the SunSpider Javascript Benchmark, I decided to run my own tests on my desktop using several other browsers I had installed on my desktop. The following link is my tabulated results from Sunspider's page, which show Google Chrome does significantly better than Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Apple Safari for Windows 3.1.2 and Opera 9.52 in all but 5 categories of tests (Firefox wins in 4, and surprisingly Safari for Windows wins one).
Note: My actual technical knowledge of what each test does is limited, however the general rule of thumb is that the shorter the execution time is the better the performance.
Update: The converted Excel table won't display properly in Blogger because of the style used, however I have posted the results here for viewing. Enjoy!

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