Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Hating on Facebook Applications

I love Facebook. I think the idea of social networking is quite marvellous really. Recently though I've quite become fed up of Facebook Applications. Every day it's a host of new invitations for applications I have no interest in, or will never have any interest in. The Facebook blog acknowledges this new trend, calling it "application spam".
My new favourite Facebook feature has in fact become the ability to "blanket ignore" all requests in Facebook. I share the opinion of this blogger that it is in fact a sledgehammer approach and not quite yet attacking the root problem and agree I would love the feature to include the ability to ignore both now and in the future an application's request to add itself to my profile. The techniques to counter this problem mentioned in the Facebook blog doesn't seem to be working.
The creative outlet that Youtube now affords many folks has also led to this video, which I find both quite amusing and quite true in expressing the pain of my Facebook experiences these days.