Thursday, 27 March 2008

A perfect example of being remarkable

My current read, Seth Godin's book "The Purple Cow", highlights the advantages of transforming your business by being remarkable.
A perfect example of how being remarkable helps one product, or in this case person, stand out in the crowd of millions is this article. An up-and-coming film-maker used the Internet meme of rick-rolling to inadvertently prank the New York Times and thus make himself remarkable.

The entire video he posted made it seem that there was a man interrupting a women's basketball game and had folks seemingly dancing to the music, when it fact it was edited from various clips. The event never happened, but the video is so realistic that it fooled even a New York Times reporter into believing it was real.
Almost any aspiring director worth his salt should be able to edit video in such a way, be he made his effort stand out and thus made himself remarkable.
He is no longer a one in a million aspiring directors, he's now the remarkable aspiring director who fooled the New York times with his work.

Who would you quicker hire to do your creative video editing?