Sunday, 7 June 2009

Learning from

Great software developers know how to write code very well. Great business entrepreneurs know their target niche communities very well.

When the guy behind and FogBugz announced I knew it would be an instant hit because his talks and blog posts consistently show him knowing not one but both of these things very well.

Here Joel Spolsky gives a talk on building, where his continued mastery of these two talents shines, since his talk is non-technical, but gives insights into both user behavior goals and techical decision pointers.

His video should also be a reminder to all just how high he's set the bar on communications ability for collaborators of projects on both sides of this fence. I will often revisit this video since I think these could be considered best practices to encouraging building a strong community-driven site for both the entrepreneur looking to start a new user-based community website as well as the great software developers who intend to build it.
By watching his talk alone I can see he knows the keys to bridging the communication gaps that often exist between these two sides of the 'I have an idea for a great website' coin. I hope one day as well to have learnt to be such a person gifted with Joel's rare talent. For now though, thanks Joel for this shared jewel of knowledge mentorship to me and the community.