Friday, 1 May 2009

Presentation on Improving Web Applications - User Experience and Styles

After a few design sessions today everyone on the team walked away feeling very accomplished, except me. In the pit of my stomach I felt quite the opposite, and though it could have been the flu that I am still recovering from, I needed to be sure that we were not suffering from blissful ignorance and hence getting ourselves into serious trouble when it came to pending estimations we are about to do regarding work we intend to complete in upcoming sprints.

This is around the time any good team member should ask for a health check, but in this case there are no ground rules established so far within the team for health checking designs, so the effectiveness of one is questionable. For effective health checks to happen, the ground rules for analysis of materials for formulating the health weighting have to exist, and be understood and agreed to by all participating.

So I built this presentation based firstly on research into the ground rules used by two leaders in design and development, Google and Apple, and using my own past experience as a web developer to help build it.
I hope it helps teams using it (including ours) ask the right questions that setup good, iterative health checks for improving web applications.