Friday, 7 August 2009

Job hunting once more...

On my last post I was announcing the launch of GigJunkie's new website, the culmination of several months' gruelling effort by the team and I to deliver a brand new experience for the avid live music fan through a social network. The global recession has sadly led to me no longer being part of that team, as such is the case sometimes with startups.
I still maintain a great relationship with all the guys there, and will continue to celebrate with them the results of their continued hard work. However that means that I now am job hunting once again.

For those who might be interested in learning more about me and the services I might offer, please refer to my CV online or look out for me on Twitter, I'm @nissandookeran.

While I had hopes for continuing to work the UK, my scenario as a non-EU citizen is making this option quite unrealistic so far. Certain visa changes have occurred in the last few months that have restricted my ability to continue working here in the UK without an employment sponsor. While this is normal in most countries, the process is also particularly long and complex for the UK, and is actually discouraging many employers from getting the right people into their businesses that will keep them innovative and lean in a time of recession if those people aren't from the EU.

Personally, I found the change very short sighted on the part of those who implemented it, since those hard working non-EU folks like me who don't have a Master's degree or Doctorate but do actually have significant leadership and work experience and can contribute to positive growth in a time of recession can no longer do so easily.

The wonderful thing for me, and what keeps me going, is that by being a software developer in a world driven by technology, geographic boundaries are secondary when it comes to pursuing my dream to simply make great things happen in my field of passion, with others who share that passion. I still strive daily to find those great technology teams to join, contribute to, or lead, no matter what country they lie in.